Instant Ammonium DestroyerŽ

Instant Ammonia DestroyerŽ IAD is ideal for the transport, shipping and receiving of tropical fish and invertebrates, as well as emergency situations. IAD would be used whenever Ammonia levels in the water threaten to kill fish.

IAD instantly destroys Ammonia between 5 and 15 seconds

Drastically reduces fish mortality in shipping and receiving

Helps relieve stress for both fish and invertebrates

Safe for fresh, brackish, and saltwater

Contains electrolytes to increase slime coat production

Nullifies other heavy metals

Fish can be packed tighter, lowering freight costs

Use in water above pH 7, when ammonia is toxic

For specific usage instructions, see Hiatt Distributors Limited

1 Pound Instant Ammonium DestroyerŽ $32.50