Metal Gone® Saltwater

Metal Gone® Saltwater
Metal Gone® Saltwater

Many people have difficulty maintaining Tropical and Marine Fish in their aquariums.

The growing abundance of heavy metals found in common drinking water contributes to many unexplained fish and invertebrate deaths.

The heavy metal problem in aquarium and pond water has never been adequately addressed. Numerous people have turned to Metal Gone, an African Mineral, to solve this problem in saltwater.

Metals lead to deadly Eutrophication which lead to an unsightly aquarium.


  1. Removes deadly toxic metals for better fish and invertebrate health
  2. Removes phosphates and other metals for invertebrate well being and growth
  3. Converts an unsightly aquarium to a pristine aquarium
  4. Vastly reduces and eliminates Deadly Eutrophication in your aquarium
  5. Can be used as a non medical treatment additive for your aquarium tank

Metal Gone® Salt Water ½ Pound $15.20

Metal Gone® Salt Water 5 Pounds $62.20