Tri-Base Pelletized Carbon®

Tri-Base Pelletized Carbon®
Tri-Base Pelletized Carbon®

Tri-Base Pelletized Carbon® (for fresh or saltwater aquariums)

Activated Tri-base Pelletized Carbon® contains three different carbons in every single pellet, and is used in High Technology Applications.

The Tri-Base pellets have a stretched absorption range capable of absorbing an enormous range of pollutants.

The Tri Base Pelletized Carbon® (TBPC) does the following for your aquarium

  1. TBPC is a chemical reducer. It removes deadly pollutants from the aquarium water
  2. Improves water quality so fish can live a healthy life
  3. Vast surface area. Unlike aquarium bio balls which have 100 square feet per cubic foot, or sand and other media that has 190 meters squared per gram, TBPC has a surface area of 1150 meters squared per gram which is about 10 square miles of surface area. This surface allows a huge bacterial platform to form a massive Bio Filter
  4. The AVAILABLE carbon source in the TBPC ensures the AEROBIC REDUCTION of Nitrates, Phosphates and Potash from your aquarium when used with the Right Now! Bacteria
  6. Very High Absorption values for longer life in your aquarium

Tri-Base is shipped fluffy and dry, with no water added for weight. When rinsed for the first time, it sizzles like soda pop! Large pellet size allows it to be used in any kind of filter without clogging plastic screens, or restricting or channeling the water flow. Hard pellets do not turn to mush and flow down the drain into the aquarium, or clog the filter with fines. For use in Freshwater, Saltwater, Brackish water, and ponds. Highly recommended for reef, and non-reef systems. Ideal for sensitive species. Related Products: Right Now! Bacteria for 24 hour cycling, and Phosphate reduction. Need more information? Visit HDL Online for more product and testimonial information.

SPECIAL NOTE: This powerful tri base carbon MUST be soaked for 3 days prior to use. Add only 1/2 LB per 3 days. The appropriate amount of the carbon is: 0.1667 X tank size = LBS of carbon.

Tri-Base Pelletized Carbon® 1 Pound $7.10

Tri-Base Pelletized Carbon® 5 Pounds $28.90

Tri-Base Pelletized Carbon® 10 Pounds $49.50

Tri-Base Pelletized Carbon® 55 Pound $239.50