Mayor Jim Hahn and the Procurement Staff at the Los Angeles World Airport are Concerned about Our Health and Environment

Our health and our environment should always be on the minds of everyone. With so many hazardous materials all around us, all of us need to be aware of available options.

(PRWEB) April 25, 2005 -- Gary Youker, President of Memory Doctor, and maker of window, computer, stove, and spot cleaners, part of the expanding line of non caustic cleaning products, personally attended a Small Business Fair hosted by LAWA and Mayor Hahn's office, on March 31, 2005. Procurement personnel for LAWA hosted this event on-site at LAX. Not only was the faire organized, and informative for small business owners, but there were speakers as well. Mario Marin, Executive Director of the Mayors Economic Development, gave an energetic speech about the City of LA on-line bidding system. The consideration given to small businesses and environmental issues was impressive.

As a small business owner developing and manufacturing environmentally safe products, Mr Youker talked with many of the LAWA procurement staff about hazardous chemicals such as ammonia and sodium hydroxide, which are contained in common glass, bathroom, countertop, drain and oven cleaners. Exposure to ammonia is extremely irritating to your eyes, nose, throat, lungs, skin and mucous membranes. In concentrated form, it can even cause death. Sodium hydroxide is even more hazardous. In addition to the irritations listed above, sodium hydroxide (lye) can cause vision loss, vomiting, hypertension, and blood vessel collapse. High levels of ammonia and sodium hydroxide may get into the air and waterways from leaks and spills at production plants. They can also be hazardous at storage facilities, and from pipelines, tank trucks, railcars, ships and barges that transport these items. Asthmatics, infants, pets, and older people tend to be more sensitive to the tolerance of these chemicals.

Be aware of these issues. You have a choice to make which can influence our world, and specifically our local ecosystems. Shop around for environmentally safe cleaners. Read the labels, and visit as new products are developed, formulated, and tested, without the use of hazardous chemicals. A colleague of mine is located at:

Thank you to Mayor Hahn's Office and LAWA for your concern and proactive approach to improving our environment.

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Gary Youker

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Redondo Beach, CA (PR Web) April 11, 2005 - Los Angeles

Katrina's Latest Victim Is Clean-up Efforts

Fast and cost effective heavy metals elimination in groundwater and surrounding sediments are available.

(PRWEB) September 20, 2005 -- Katrina's latest victim could last for decades to come.

Katrina's latest victim may be one of the most severe and longest lasting pollution clean-ups in this country's history. Homes can be rebuilt, but pollution of the water and surrounding sediments could be with us for generations. This does not need to be the case.

Researchers at Ocean Enviro LLC (714-960-7869) have patented several methodologies specifically designed to combat toxins in the land and water. The U.S. Coast Guard, and Southern California Edison are just a couple of organizations which have seen the fascinating results. Toxins such as, oil, hydrocarbons, PCB's, nitrates, mercury, lead and even cides 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T can be eradicated. An associate stated his simple analogy "This is similar to normal half life degradation, but at a super accelerated pace."

Environmental contaminants can be rendered into less toxic by-products by treatment with the patented process. During this process, super oxide radicals will bond with and transform molecules of the toxic compounds also called molecular kinetics.

Carbonate alkalinity is produced, which serves to help neutralize acidity and maintain near neutral pH conditions. Certain organic compounds have been isolated and concentrated into a non-toxic product through the patented process. Other patented compounds have been manufactured to facilitate decomposition through a synergistic effect.

Toxicants can degenerate into less toxic substances which still remain above EPA's listed safe levels. Therefore, constant monitoring and revised methodologies must be included during this process.

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Los Mejores Productos Para Acuario.

Mantenimiento fácil de las fuentes del acuario de la calidad control del polutión del agua Los Angeles, California. (AmbosMedios) Junio 26, 2005. -- Ciclo de 24 horas garantizado para Acuario.

El ciclo de 24 horas de sistema de nitrogeno garantiza que remuevemateriales peligrosos tóxicos de acuarios o tanques de agua fresca osalada.

Generalmente el ciclo de limpieza del acuario se toma de 4 a 6 semanas, ahora solamente se toma un día.

Estos son los factores mas importantes para considerar en los acuarios o tanques:
Temperatura del agua
pH normal del agua fresca
Aditivos normales del agua fresca
Tamaño del tanque
Cantidad y clases de peces
Sistemas de filtros
Velocidad del flujo
Densidad del agua
El objetivo es tener un ambiente sano y saludable para sus peces einvertebrados, Hiatt Distributors Limited tiene el conocimiento,experiencia y la patente de los productos para obtener agua y pecessaludables.

  1. - Calcule la cantidad de agua del tanque (vacío). (Pulgadas) L x W x H, entonces divida por 231 = galones.
  2. - Calcule la cantidad de Tri-Base tableta de carbón. Multiplique los galones del tanque x 0.1667 = cantidad de carbón parael fondo biologico. Este carbón tiene un área incredible de unasuperficie de 1,150 metros por gramo.
  3. - Estabilice el nivel de pH del acuario. Multiplique los galones del tanque 0.4 = cantidad de piedra pH. Elobjetivo es 8.4. La piedra de pH agrega niveles de calcio sobre 400 yeleva su alkalinidad.
  4. - El flujo del agua es agua que se devuelve a su tanque. No debe serMAS BAJO de 6 veces por hora y no mas alto que 10 veces por hora.
  5. - Las mejores canastas son las de filtro de alta presión.
  6. - IMPORTANTE! El agua que se devuelve tiene que cruzar por arriba dela superficie del agua diagonalmente. Una pulgada arriba del agua esapropiada. Esto ayuda a estabilizar pH, Amonia, Nitratos, y oxígenodisuelto. El agua filtrada se toma del fondo del tanque y se sueltaarriba del tanque.
  7. .- Use una pequeña cantidad de los elementos del sea lab bloque #28. Entierre el bloque debajo de la arena.
  8. - Haga un cambio parcial (20-25%) cada otra semana. Siempre aspire la arena o piedras. Esto remueve BOD.
  9. - La temperature del agua debe ser de 78-80°F.
  10. - Cada dos meses enjuague la mitad del tri-base carbon con agua limpia y fresca.
  11. - Nuestro sistema trabaja en filtro mojado/seco. Remueva las bolas bio y divida el tri-base carbon en bolsas de 3 libras.
  12. - Otros productos de calidad son: Chloradsorb, Ammonia destroyer,Metal Gone, Right Now Bacteria, pH arriba o abajo roca de ajuste yAquarium Sparkle sin el uso of reverse agua osmosis.

Para instalacion de Tanques Nuevos o Viejos, aun con peces e invertebrados visite:,